Bug in CaniVIZ for Mac

Wrong icons transparency and wrong display of horizontal sliders.

Wrong icons transparency and wrong display of horizontal sliders.

CaniVIZ Cad 3D viewer has a bug: the transparency of some icons in the tree-view is not detected, and the horizontal sliders are rendered vertically.

A correction will be submitted to the Apple Store as soon as possible.

We apologize for this stupid problem.


CaniVIZ online 3D workshop now at mydocs.me


We are proud to announce the new Web site at mydocs.me where you can create and use your 3D workshop in the cloud.

These workshops allow, for free, to store, share and display files, even 3D files. The 3D files can be converted in our 3D VIZ ultra-compact format online, for free too.

Texts, images, sounds, PDFs and 3D files can be viewer online. All the files are versionned.

CaniVIZ Blog now supports file dropping

This is a great improvement: CaniBlog now supports file dropping: Instead of opening a menu to add some files in a folder, you can now simple drop them from Finder or Explorer directly onto the Web page and the files are automatically uploaded.

The futur direction of CaniBlog is to progressively include PLM (Product Life Management) features such as the management of the file histories.

In addition, free blogs will be switchable to private.

CaniVIZ Blog is an online file manager that allows to display online 3D files. The files are put in a folder hierarchy. The access rights can be vary accurately setup for each user who can access to your workshop.

In addition, CaniBLOG can manage images easily and show them in slideshow, in full window mode; very nice to share pictures with your friends.

And these features are free of charges! The only limitation of the free access is storage space…

Windows and MacOSX Web plugins updated

The Web plugin of CaniVIZ as been released for Windows and Mac to the version 1.1.11.

It supports:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows,
  • Firefox for Mac and Windows,
  • Google Chrome for Mac and Windows
  • Safari for Mac and Windows

If you access to our Web page that demonstrates the Web plugin, Internet Explorer and Firefox should automatically updates the plugin or you can find in this page the setup installer for Google Chrome and Safari.

Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Safari

CaniVIZ 1.1.10 released

CaniVIZ 1.1.10 for Windows, Mac and Linux is released and available in the Apple Store, Ubuntu Store, and CaniVIZ Store as well as CaniVIZ 3D Preview for Windows and Mac.

This new version fixes some rare problem with binary STL files and the Pro version for Mac and Windows is now able to import many CAD files with optional modules:

  • ACSIS (*.asat, *.sat, *.sab),
  • CATIA V4 (*.dlv, *.session, *.model),
  • CATIA V5 (*.CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.CATDrawing),
  • CATIA V6 (*.3dxml ),
  • CERCON (*.art),
  • CGR (*.cgr),
  • Colored IGES (*.igs, *.iges),
  • Inventor (*.ipt, *.iam),
  • JT (*.jt),
  • Parasolid (*.x_t, *.xmt_txt),
  • Siemens PLMXML (*.plmxml),
  • Procera (*.cgr),
  • PRO/E (*.prt, *.xpr, *.asm, *.xas),
  • SolidEdge (*.par, *.psm, *.asm),
  • SolidWorks (*.sldprt, *.sldasm),
  • Colored Step (*.stp, *.step, *.stp.Z),
  • Unigaphics (*.prt),
  • VDA (*.vda).

in addition to the previous readers:

  • AutoCad® DXF/DWG™ files or AutoCad DXF/DWG with Architecture object enabler,
  • Monochromic Step and IGES (free)
  • STL, WaveFront, 3D Studio (free)


CaniVIZ 3D Preview updated

Transparent object rendering improvedCaniVIZ 3D Preview that replaces the file’s icons by their 3D contents on Finder and Explorer uses now an enhanced rendering engine that improves the display of transparent and textured 3D objects.

the new version 1.1.8 will be pushed on the Stores (Apple, Ubuntu and CaniVIZ) in a few days.

Onerender and Andéor announce their partnership


Onerender, a new startup specialized in online ray-tracing and andéor announce their partnership.

The goal of this partnership is to integrate OneRender in CaniVIZ, our famous CAD 3D viewer. With this integration, our users will able to obtain photo-realist images from their 3D models. And because Onerender uses their custom high performance ray-tracer, this is very fast!

CaniVIZ 3D Preview for Windows

CaniVIZ 3D caniviz_preview_enPreview for Windows is now available in our store at http://www.caniviz.com/caniviz/store_en.html.

CaniVIZ 3D Preview is a standalone application and a plug-in integrated in the Windows file explorer. It displays a thumbnail preview of the reconized 3D files instead of the standard explorer file icon, even for the file formats that does not have previewing such as STL…

With CaniVIZ Preview 3D, navigation in numerous 3D files becomes easier than ever.

The supported file formats are VIZ, our native CaniVIZ 3D format, DWG® all versions from AutoCAD®, STL, WaveFront OBJ, 3D Studio®, point clouds ASC or PTS, Step, Iges and Google Sketchup®.

CAD readers

Our new CAD readers are in progress for all the platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). They will read ACIS, CADDS, CATIA 5, 5, 6, CERCON, CEREC, CGR, DCM, Inventor, JT, ParaSolid, Siemens PLM/XML, ProCera, Pro/E, SolidEdges, SolidWorks, Unigraphics and VDA… Planned in August…

Step and IGES are readable for free in CaniVIZ Windows and Mac… For Linux, it is planned in August…

Spatial Interop and Andéor partership now ended

Spatial Interop is our CAD file format readers (Step, IGES, CATIA, Pro/E, etc).

They have chosen to change their license in a way that is clearly unfriendly for startups and small business companies. This group only focus on money and profit without any consideration for investment in the future. This is very inglorious for this French company.

But finally, this an excellent news for our customers because we now have a second source CAD reader that is much more efficient (models are smaller and more beautiful), much more small (the binary libraries are about 30MB while Spatial Interop was +250MB!) and with a much more affordable price… In addition, the readers will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

We are working very hard to make available the new CAD readers.

CaniVIZ 3D Preview for Mac reads Step and IGES

CaniVIZ 3D Preview for Mac is now able to preview Step and IGES files, in addition to the WaveFront, STL, DWG, PTS, ASC, 3DS files.

CaniVIZ 3D Preview allows to see the 3D file content as a thumbnail in the applications that supports Apple Quicklook, such as the Finder or Mail.

CaniVIZ 3D Preview is able to display a preview even if the file format does not specify a preview attribute such as STL or Step.

The new version is submitted to the Apple Store and it will be available for free for the existing customers as soon as Apple validates it.

CaniVIZ 3D Pro and CaniVIZ 3D Preview on the Apple Store

Apple AppStoreCaniVIZ 3D Pro 1.1.4 and CaniVIZ 3D Preview 1.1.4 are both available at the Apple AppStore.

CaniVIZ 3D Preview is a standard Apple QuickLook plug-in that generates previews for common 3D files.

It will replace all the recognized 3D file icons in your Finder by the previews as well as in the Mail attachments.

The great feature is that CaniVIZ 3D Preview can generate previews for file formats that does not have previews, such as STL, WaveFront, 3D Studio or ASCII Point clouds. In addition, previews of our VIZ files and of AutoCad DWG are displayed if the files have been saved with a preview.

It also generates previews for our VIZ file format, of course, and for AutoCad DWG…

Web site version 3 online

The new Web site version 3 is on line at https://caniviz.com ; It is not perfect, but it is on line !

This web site is important because it is mandatory for the Windows Store where CaniVIZ will be available soon.

In addition, this Web site use Quick’n Easy Web Builder as replacement of Apple iWeb that is not maintained since 4 years… The Web site is more efficient because iframe created by iWeb when HTML code is embedded in a page are not needed by QEWB ; in addition, the generated page does not longer need to be parsed by PHP after the generation in order to add some missing iWeb features…

Happy birthday, CaniVIZ!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Today, CaniVIZ is 10 years old! Great day.

We remember 10 years ago, when we wrote the first line of the source code, we would like to design a nice 3D viewer, powerful enough to handle wide 3D files, simple enough to be used by everybody, portable enough to be launched on the main operating systems, and efficient enough to be able to work on SmartPhones…

Now, CaniVIZ has 650k line of source code, it works on Window®, Mac®, Linux® and in the Web browsers, it is able to open 15 million polygon files on a simple 2008 white MacBook®, it worked on Windows Mobile (abandoned due to the unclear Microsoft® strategy ; new port should be scheduled in end 2013) and it is currently ported to iPhone/iPad®…

Now the static viewer is done (1.0 line), now the collaborative tools are implemented (1.1 line), our next step is to enhance the animation capabilities with objects moves in the scene, and programmed movements such as rotations, etc…

Standard online conversion is ready

Standard 3D files can now be converted online in our VIZ format with a lot of customizations.

In your workshop, simply upload a 3D files, and optionally its textures, open its contextual menu, and select ‘convert’ that opens a conversion dialog. The conversion is schedulled in the process pipe.

The 3D file formats that can be converted are WaveFront (OBJ), Stereo Lithographics (STL), 3D Studio (3DS) and ASCII Cloud (ASC, PTS)…

The other CAD file formats such as Catia, Step, IGES, DXF/DWG will be supported later…

CaniVIZ Free and Light 1.1 available for Linux!

Linux UbuntuCaniVIZ Free 1.1 and CaniVIZ Light 1.1 for Linux  are available on our Web site and at the Ubuntu Store available from your Ubuntu Desktop. The Debian and TGZ archive formats are proposed.

This is the first time CaniVIZ is available on this platform and we are very happy for that. We have chosen the GTK 3 graphical toolkit.

We have tested CaniVIZ on Linux Ubuntu 12.04. It should works on all the recent Linux distributions such as Fedora, Mint, SlackWare, …